LASH©️SPA Eyelashes Natural Long 3D Mink
LASH©️SPA Eyelashes Natural Long 3D Mink

LASH©️SPA Eyelashes Natural Long 3D Mink

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Lash©️Spa is a gorgeous lash, 3D Soft Faux Mink Hair. Natural Messy Eyelash Crisscross Wispy Lashes,  very lush and beautiful. Is full drama and designed to turn heads. These lashes are long and curled to open your eyes. lightweight lashes -designed to maintain curl and shape for up to 15 wears. 

-Volume : Full drama

-Color: Black

-Length: 8-16mm

-Width: 33mm

-Type: Premium Mink 



*Measure against your natural lashes to ensure faux lashes are the correct length (Trim nicely with scissors)

* Apply lash adhesive across entire length of lash line, allow to dry ( wait 30 secs until tacky)

*Apply Lashes directly to liner -at the base of your lash line beginning at the inner corner working outwards. press to secure.

*If applied correctly, you won’t feel any discomfort.


*Gently use tweezers to remove the bulk of the glue

*Use cotton ball soaked in makeup remover and gently swab both side of the lashes- Repeat and wipe down both sides again- wipe gently not roughly

* Store in a case to extend the life of your faux lashes,  Sharonchy Lashes can be worn up to 20 times, with proper care.


* In case of eye contact, wash out the eye thoroughly with plenty of water.

*If irritation or redness persists, seek medical attention. Keep out of the reach of children.

*Consult a physician if you have pre-existing eye conditions.

*Use as directed.